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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 26, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>>darya: and good morning. now and christmas over many families are returned home from their holiday leave and work. but park faugh >>jackie: it is starting to give her credit has the morning goes on. as a full anticipates a 5% increase of falsies and if system and
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wet. prices of some travelers this morning about what their plans are. >> i am well wallet live. an advance in front of clean - if
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>>caller: and rise. a cloudy afternoon and policy and we want temperatures. as we turn our attention to the middle of the week we have some slight chance of rain
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fall. >>erica: by 10:00 a.m. the fog was is bad to the clothesline. here is a breakdown of the numbers and neighborhood by neighborhood.
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>>erica: we could get 60s in some places. 50 thrifts that san we are dry and for the most part we will remain that way. cloud cover headed our way. >>george: on the bay bridge,
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where is everyone this morning? a lot of people have the day off as a bonus holiday for the christmas holiday that fell on sunday. we are now seeing a lot of traffic, or a lot at the san mateo bridge. call at the golden gate bridge, an easy ride in both directions. no delays northbound or southbound. green on the roadways sensors indicate limited speeds. nothing in the way of slow traffic fell affect the ride on 101 northbound or 85 through the west valley. the ride on 101 is still without delay or ingestion between a bottle and the golden gate bridge.
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>>mark: a mother for her 22 month old baby boy out of a window. this happened in san jose late yesterday. if will tran is in san jose with the latest. >>will: the incident happened right here on the 3500 block of all the way next to stevens creek boulevard. the baby boy is fighting for his life in the hospital. investigators will have to turn a 24 year olds the leftists will be charged criminally thor if she needs psychiatric help. off according to her family she has been defense lately. phillies came here because she very fitted herself in the room with for 24 month old son. that is the leer lion kahane
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>>darya: we are backhaul a couple of minutes. here haugh had
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>>mark: the nba is bad. the clippers beat the warriors won a bit jackson guarantee that the warriors would be a playoff team this year free it off for a warrior fans are just happy that basketball is bad. >> i believe him. but a shorter season they have a chance of beating if layoffs in the area that's of course i am excited.
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>> i am loyal to them even though every year and up in frustration. >>mark: there were five christmas games in the nba. current up we will have highlights. >>darya: which are back in a couple of minutes. here's a live look from the mt. tam cam as the sun is coming up. you can see a big layer of clouds. will be right back
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>>erica: 7:13 a.m., let's get straight to the numbers. we have seen some changes over the last couple of minutes. here's a look occurring temperatures. frigid in fairfield. take a look at places in the inland valleys. livermore is coming in at 28 degrees. all athleta
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>>erica: drive with an extra caution. the green on the screen indicates between 2-5 mi. of visibility. stretches of the san ramon, 680 and along highway 4, hazardous driving conditions. we will be monitoring that throughout the morning. the fog will clear out as we move closer to the san a.m. hour. widespread '30's in the north bay. warmer along the coastline. as we turn our attention to 11:00 a.m., we will see more light blue in the navy with a mixture of 40's and 50's. the light
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blue indicates fifties around the bay. we are seasonably mild coming in at 56 in oakland furious mountain view could top out at 60 degrees. same for morgan hill. they're pretty chilly 53 expected for downtown san francisco. the kron47 day around the forecast shows upper 50s and low 60s is the trend. if we have a slight possibility of what weather wednesday into thursday. it looks like the chance of rain fall is to the north. this mostly cloudy conditions and cool temperatures with more sunshine as a move in closer to the weekend. sf and >>george: the fog you have been talking about is very
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much in evidence in the traffic cameras at the bay bridge toll plaza where the westbound traffic is light. the metering lights have not been activated and are likely not to be. we have not tracked in the hot spots. we're looking at light traffic even with the fall. on the san mateo bridge it has been a good ride and continues to be. we have light traffic. looking at the commute on the golden gate, finally some traffic in the southbound direction but it is a problem free for marin county. in the east bay, there are no problems for 680 or 80 kafiri if it's in the south bay we are still problem free and delay free on the south bay freeways. if your ride through marin county is without delay from 37 to the golden gate bridge.
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>>darya: three elderly adults were rescued from a home in south san jose after a big fire last night. for this was in the 200 block of small mirer drives. the fire started in the garage. two elderly women and a man were rescued from the house. a total of six people were displaced. the fire is thought to have been accidental. cut >>mark: theft for >> around 11:30 a.m. on christmas morning, police received a 9 1/7 off. >> we made entry into the apartment and discovered several victims all
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deceased. >> the bodies of four females and three meals were found in the kitchen, they died of gunshot wounds. >> they look like they were all relatives of one another. >> police found two guns inside and believe they were used by the decisions. back >> we are in the early an initial stages of the investigation. we are not searching for issued at this point. >> neighbors are shocked by this christmas day tragedy in that they say it will change the way they view their community. >> we saw the cops will tell you anything curious other than that, is a quiet neighborhood. all >> it makes people more aware. >>reporter: this is the most serious case the department has ever had. mark gamow
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more violence in chattanooga, tenn. fast a club. early christmas morning, police say nine people who died during a gunfight between two rival gangs. and arafat people killed in this fire in connecticut yesterday. the mother is a prominent advertisement agency executive. the woman, her children and parents were killed in the fire. the first firefighters got to the scene and tried to read some members on the second floor that the intense fire in he sent them back. >>justine: here is a look at what the house looks like during the daylight. fire
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officials say could be another few more days before they know the cause of the police.
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>>darya: is a cold and gray day. we will have clouds all week. >>mark: wall street is closed today and trade resuming lamar of hah off
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>>darya: a new survey finds that when the full use gift cards they received a christmas, they often spend more. faugh >>mark: here is a live in view from mt. tam on this cold and foggy morning. we are less than a week away
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from new year's eve. kron4 has the only live local countdown show beginning new year's eve at 11:30 p.m. fury if
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>>darya: malls are packed with customers. big trouble day as people tried to get back home to where they were visiting cast for or on vacation. we are live at sfo taking a look at that. a toddler is recovering from being thrown from a second story window by his mother. she also jumped out of the
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window. we have covered on that story. this >>mark: holiday travel, christmas is over, families are returning home and others headed out for new year's. jackie sissel is live at sfo. >>jackie: we're starting to pick up the pace. there is a line of cars waiting to get through the plaza at sfo. it is expected to be busy morning in a busy week at sfo. clause 6 could--if you are traveling, get here early, at least 90 minutes.
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if you are coming out here, be ready for whatever may happen. but right now, things look pretty quiet. >>erica: in the north bay we have temperatures in the '20s. cold weather conditions for the next couple of hours. as we head into the afternoon, mostly widespread '50s with a mixture of sun and clouds. as we turn our attention to the overnight hours we will cycladic conditions and temperatures in the '30's. victor is a look at the fog tracker 4 visibility chart. very limited visibility for portions of highway 101.
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take a look at oakland. heavy fog there. 2-5 mi. visibility of. a lot of the fog will shift southward along. by 10:00 a.m. it looks like the fog pushes back to the coastline. temperatures are on the cooler side. twenties in santa rosa and fairfield. but the seventh for those of you in oakland. widespread mid-50s. is hoax
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>>erica: satellite and radar shows clear and dry conditions. the potential for wet weather as we head into the middle of this week use the chance for rainfall will stay north of the golden gate bridge. the conditions and more sunshine as we head into the weekend.
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>>george: on the san mateo bridge, there is not a must fall. as in >>george: green on the roadway sensors. in the south bay as well, nothing really to speak of. 101 southbound has been without delay. a slight bit of shelling passed the civic center. >>mark: even though it is a day after christmas, the california highway patrol has a crackdown against the wise for the holidays. off
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did arrest numbers are lower than last year from the wise. >>darya: we have a big story for 2011. for they said that maria shriver is now unsure if she wants a divorce. she says she is torn because of her strong religious beliefs. maria filed for divorce in july.
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>>mark: here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco fed thick fog off for san francisco and on the bay bridge as well. but temperatures below freezing.
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>>darya: here is a 7 day around the bay forecast. is great and cold. macleod's will be sticking around thursday and friday. we will not see a lot of sunshine until next year. >>mark: basketball is bad.
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the clippers beat the warriors won a 5-86. it's >>mark: kobe bryant had a chance to win the game. the
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shot was blocked at the buzzer and the lakers lost by one point. >>darya: live brine james scored a game-high 37 points in kuwait wade added 21. maummar oldham was ejected midway through the third quarter of his very first game is henie mavericks uniform. this we're back with more in a couple of minutes. this
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>>mark: nigerians are fearing more church attacks
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after a bomb well-off off after a sunday mass furious five nigerian churches have these bombs. a muslim group has claimed responsibility for the attack. >>darya: more bodies have washed ashore in the philippine clearheaded 60,000 homeless at christmas jam packed in different school gymnasiums.
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>> a delegation of south koreans have moved--have left to north korea. the delegation is led by the widow of the former south korean president. for they believe that this could improve relations between the north and south. " the south korean government is allowing the fearful will not say it is an official trip. >>justine: here is what we're watching in the kron4 news room. in order to take advantage of traditional box face fails, people in london have to figure out how to get the source. subway operators have walked out in a one day strike over a pay dispute. serafin suspended over several lines.
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>>erica: as we head into the afternoon, sunshine and clear conditions. as i show you temperatures right outside the door calf's, santa rosa is coming in at 27. a degree cooler in fairfield. take a look at livermore coming in at 20. mild along the coastline. as we turn our attention to fog tracker 4, it looks like a lot of the fog will shift. foggy conditions in san jose and mountain view. as we advance closer to 10:00 p.m. the fall will pull back to the coastline revealing clear conditions. by 8:00 a.m. we will still be
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holding off the 30's and he's baker said >>justine: the warmer spots will be mountain view and morgan hill. a pair of 53 degree readings for standard file and downtown san francisco. the kron47 day around the bay forecast shows a mixture of upper 50s the and low 60s. plenty of cloud cover. we have a slight possibility for wet weather on wednesday into thursday. the majority of the rainfall will stay north
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of the golden gate. as we turn our attention to saturday and sunday, we will see more sunshine and '60s around the board. >>george: we are not looking fat as much fog on the bay bridge. look how light the traffic is on the bay bridge. this could be some of the lightest traffic i have ever seen. there are no delays or problems to or across the bridge. your ride on the golden gate bridge is equally light. the traffic maps tell the same story. green on the roadway sensors have status checked
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the your ride through marin county, southbound 101, 23- 24 minute drive time from novato to the golden gate bridge. qr >>darya: investigators believe the same man has hit the two banks in the past month. these robberies happened at a chase bank on international boulevard in oakland on december 13th and then, a wool scarf three days after that. here is the surveillance shot from the bank. a black man in his 30's, 5 6 in., 170 lbs. with a beard. crime stoppers and
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fleas are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. >>mark: there are four people in the bay area who are its metal lotto richard this morning. to each will get about 155,000 ft.. >>mark: now is a critical time for republican caskets. most of the candidates are starting bus tours today. culkin health
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announcer: here is stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. >> all you can afford it is food. you need a real dog -- just a real job. >>stanley: we have to start at the beginning. the driver of this black nissan changed lanes to avoid getting a ticket. he was in the carpool lane as a sole occupant.
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>> i just moved here from massachusetts. let's listen and while they seem to peace sergeant tubbs to driver. >>officer: the plates belong to a mercedes. >> it is now registered. >>stanley: the driver had so many tickets he was unable to register the vehicle. he put on the massachusetts plates which are registered to a mercedes. the chp cited him for the car pulled violation, they hit him with a ticket for no plates, no insurance >> will phil hansen the wrong place on a vehicle which is a misdemeanor. his
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bahamas impounded anhinga arched. hearth picked >>darya: hearth half of the moment >>darya: oven and the chipmunks came in no. 3 at the box office. mission impossible to was the no. 1 spot. cox al has
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>>will: the big question is whether or not this little boy suffered any brain damage after being thrown out of a two-story window. the 24 year-old woman will be criminally charged. >>erica: people are going to want to bundle up. there is a lot of cloud cover over the bay area. unseasonably mild in the mid-50s. some
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have 20s in fleeces like santa rosa furious the inland valleys are certainly affect this year's eighth half cost everyone is running on the mild side. it is still pretty cold in the south bay. los gatos is at the freezing mark. degree warmer for san jose.
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>>erica: a lot of cloud cover headed our way in the potential for wet weather. the wet weather possibility stays to the walk north. mostly cloudy conditions and sunshine on tap as we head into 2012. >>george: it is hard to find a hot spot on a day like this. traffic is light
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around the bay area. nothing in the way of slowdowns or problems. look at how light the traffic is this morning. right now, there is nothing in our camera view. exceptionally light ride all around the bay area furious on the san mateo bridge, the same conditions with no problems but but. the golden gate bridge is very light in both directions. 680 south is about the lake. from the san ramon valley into the dublin and to change, no problems. even highly for does not have any slowdowns needed is 85 or 2 in the south bay. the 101 arrive in
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marin county is still under 25 minutes. flickr thought >>mark: a busy day at the airports. some headed home for christmas, some headed out for new year's. >>jackie: it is expected to be another busy day. it's according to sfo, holiday travel started last week. they expect about 2 million people to be coming and going at sfo. it is one of those days where you have a lot of people going home and more people coming out for the new year's holidays. they expect heavy traffic at sfo. so far, so good this morning. there are no whether delays in to speak up from the midwest or the east coast like last year. i asked several travelers with
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a thought about traveling on such a busy day. >> no traffic this morning. we're looking forward to the trip. >> patience is the best thing. >>jackie: did because body? >> not at all. >>jackie: as the nucleus is to give yourself so far this morning it has been pretty quiet. >>justine: the airport in cincinnati had to be evacuated after a fire alarm went off. this required a
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few hundred passengers to an airport >>darya: wall street is closed for the day but trading will resume on a normal schedule tomorrow. and >>darya: the malls around the country could expect a lot of shoppers today. this insistence of in the day after christmas shopping is expected. some people spend more when they return, exchange or use a gift card. there are a lot of bargain hunters wanting to
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take advantage of after christmas sales. before >>mark: big shopping and a holiday in england. it is boxing day. the strike is causing trouble for thousands of people as several underground lines have been suspended >>darya: thick 0 8:00 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. back with more in a couple of minutes. dove but
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death submit
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>>darya: an earthquake in san leandro this morning. >>mark: residents were rescued in south san jose in the 200 block of america drive. the garage was on fire. two elderly women and a man were rescued. the fire
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is thought to have been accidental. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco. if oral crop
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half moon adam qr of her
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>>darya: nigerians are afraid of more church attacks. if charges and five nigerian cities were targeted. a radical moslems have claimed responsibility for the attacks. more bodies
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have washed ashore in the philippines. fishermen are now helping the needy to pull bodies from the water. more than 60,000 spent christmas packed into school gymnasiums for.
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>>justine: the husband of queen elizabeth's in in a hospital. he is likely to miss the royal family's party later today. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at sfo. it is a big travel that far. people are headed out on vacation or headed home after christmas.
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>>darya: today, shopping malls and stores are expected to be jammed packed with people returning,
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exchanging are getting in on after christmas sales. post holiday travel is a big deal today. in san jose, a toddler was thrown from a second story window by his mother. >>mark: its very sixth fog around san francisco. arafat has the latest. >>erica: widespread fog around the bay area. temperatures for the most part is in the 40's and 30's. for a mix of clouds and sunshine and temperatures mild coming in at mid 54 area limited
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visibility for stretches of 101. finn iphones here is a low-fat current temperatures. rover said fell coming in at 46.
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temperatures hovering around 55 degrees. a satellite and radar shows clear and dry conditions. we have the potential for a little bit of rain fall. the >>will: the fog started rolling in about 15-20 minutes ago. look at how the
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cars just disappear. visibility is not too bad. it looks like it is getting worse by the minute. but why
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can't >>jackie: the weather on many east coast and midwest has been a relatively good. as i said, the fog has ruled and. once you get the low cloud cover, it cuts arrivals and departures in half. >>mark: a lot of people at
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the malls. big shopping day. experts predict a 60% jump in shopping. foss of mark hamill is al, lockhart the consumer research service says that in december 26th is usually the second highest revenue making date for retailers. more gift cards you're as your goal and you recall cochran the survey says when people do use the gift cards they spend more than a value. >>darya: eighth a one-year-
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old is recovering after being dropped from a second story window of this by his mother. police responded around 11:30 p.m.--around 11:30 a.m. yesterday morning. when the police got to the scene, they forced their way into the bathroom and the mother dropped the toddler out of the second story window and and jumped out of the winner herself. she handed the child suffered minor injuries. she is being evaluated for possible psychiatric issues. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. cochran how
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>>darya: the bryan james scored 37 points siri hikes health high of very quiet rose quiz craze last year in lahore holly's
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bank was robbed, here is the suspect. black man in his 30s, 5 ft. 6 in.. crime stoppers and police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. family's head and all of their presence. the dog's name is shark bait. burglars smashed the jan wahl on wednesday.
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>> it is hard to deal with. every time my daughter sees a picture of the dog on her phone, she starts crying. >>alejandra: he is a small fee to wallet. his name is shark bait. i spoke with the dog's owner of the phone. he says nearly $1,000 worth of stuff was stolen but for them that is not what is important. >> we do not care about the christmas gifts. my daughter does not want the gifts, she wants the dog. >>alejandra: there were no signs of forced entry. nothing else was missing except the presence and the dogs. it's
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>>mark: it is going to be another decent day with high clouds near 60 degrees. a lot of fog and temperatures near freezing. >>darya: a quiet weekend at the box office. mission impossible made the most money coming in second
8:57 am
place, sherlock holmes endowment and the chipmunks came in third place. hollywood should finish the year with temple-inland filly in domestically. that is down more than 4% a. >>mark: we're back with more as the kron4 news continues after the break. here is a live look from the golden gate bridge.
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>>mark: thank you for joining us on this monday morning. here's a live look of the golden gate. thick fog and cold temperatures. we will have more on the weather coming up. >>darya: a developing story
9:00 am
out of san jose, a 22 month old boy is being evaluated for brain injuries after being tossed out of a second-floor window by his mother. this is the neighborhood where it happens. cox will drama has been following this throughout the morning and has the latest on the investigation clearing when police arrived, they saw the mother was locked in the bathroom. she threw the child out of the window and then, she followed. will tran is following that story alive. >>erica: pretty chilly temperatures with a couple of locations in the upper 20s. as we take a look at
9:01 am
the cloud cover, we are seeing widespread fog around the bay area's. the 40's and 30's temperature wise. patchy fall bay area wide. as we head into the afternoon we will see a mix of sunshine in clouds with seasonably mild temperatures. overnight, mostly cloudy conditions with temperatures in the '40's and 30's. here is a look at visibility around the bay area. the red indicates less than a quarter mile for entire stretches of one-on-one. even along the coastline between 2-5 mi. of the civility. along with the fall we are dealing with
9:02 am
pretty chilly temperatures. we have made some involvement in places like napa. take a look at fairfield coming in at 27 fear if this as we focus on the afternoon, temperatures, widespread '50s. ed looks like 56 is the common number for oakland and hayward for. if source yahoo >>erica: and a lot of cloud cover headed our way in the potential for wet weather. a first about the ability for wet weather is wednesday. the rainfall will stable to the north of us. thursday
9:03 am
and friday will bring us mostly cloudy conditions. in the best commutes' possible even with foggy conditions. the traffic is so light. we have been incidents frites hot spot free. there have been no metering lights this morning. there isn't enough traffic towards it. on the san mateo bridge, on the right side of your screen in, normally this is what you expect to see eastbound. mordent golden gate bridge traffic, there are no fog advisories year. there was a fogged advisory issued for the richmond san rafael bridge this morning. according to the chp, it is
9:04 am
likely problem free. the chp is devising dense fog in the south bay at the 101 and 80 interchange. sven will tran and has been tracking the dense fog and reduced visibility. the north bay ride is still a problem free for 101 through marin county. >>mark: sfo is anticipating large crowds. they expect to see a 5% increase of travelers over this holiday stretcher. they expect to see about 2 million people
9:05 am
coming into billing. i did speak with some travelers earlier this morning and asked how they dealt with the big crowds. >>dan: we're going to wisconsin. we're looking for a good trip. was >> patients is the best thing. there is not much they can do. the >>jackie: because of the fog, there could be some slight delays. a lot of flights were delayed by a 10-15 minutes.
9:06 am
>>darya: knew this morning, it is one of the biggest shopping days. there is a one day strike going on by subway operators. take a look at this coming to us from london. operators are striking to demand extirpate for working on a public holiday. shoppers are making their way to the stores. the strike is causing trouble for thousands of people. limited service operating on the rest of the subway network. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside on this cold and foggy morning.
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>>mark: wall street is closed for the christmas holiday today. trading will resume tomorrow. of the week ahead on wall street is expected to be quiet. by trading expected this week. wall street experts believe stock prices will rise in the next year. >>darya: christmas is over but the shopping is not. >>will: stores are opening early today for people all family in san jose. this is
9:11 am
carol. what are your thoughts? >> this day is fine because everyone is out here to have a good time. >> do you find yourself racking up a bigger bill after christmas than before christmas. >> in year, it is. we used to have a tree filled with presents from the store. >> december 26th is normally
9:12 am
the second highest retail day for retailers. many gift cards go unused. about $41 billion in gift cards go on stand as the new survey also says when the gift cards are used they end up spending even more money than the value of the cards. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. and
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>>darya: a small earthquake hit this morning. it shook the san leandro area. it was
9:16 am
centered about 3 mi. north northeast of san leandro at a depth of 3 mi.. >>mark: in texas police say a person killed six family members as they opened presents on christmas day. he arrived at the home dressed as santa claus. people are-just police are calling this the worst mass killing in texas. for women and three men were found dead. >>darya: a conn house went up in flames and killed five
9:17 am
people. the woman's three young children and her parents died in a fire. the firefighters got there right away but could not get to people on the second floor. >>erica: a lot of fog out there overlooking the james lick freeway. definitely hazy in the background. the area of red, just south of
9:18 am
santa rosa towards center felt does indicate less than a quarter mile visibility. the widespread agree indicates 2-5 mi. of visibility. within the next couple of hours, the fog should be a thing of the past. we should see temperatures in the 30's and '40's. and by 11:00 a.m. a mixture of the '50s. cooler along the coast. the upper
9:19 am
50s and low 60s for the next several days. fifth >>george: there was a fogged advisory on the toll plaza that was lifted some time ago. there are no problems across the stand. still foggy in some areas. the san mateo bridge is problem free. light and easy traffic with no fog in either direction. on the golden
9:20 am
gate there is fog mid stand. the rest of the east bay rival looks good. the drive times are some of the fastest you will see. there are no delays on 101 coyote valley. >>justine: we are getting information from the alameda county fire department, they're telling us about a fatal fire in san leandro at about 7:00 a.m. on brought more. since we're hearing that one person and two dogs died.
9:21 am
>>darya: there were three elderly people rescued from a home in south san jose after a fire last night. six people were displaced in the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>mark: the response to the nuclear crisis that followed the march 11th tsunami was filled with errors. the report outlines the investigation of the nuclear disaster and it shows that workers were untrained to handle the emergency. a full of investigation is expected
9:22 am
to be finished in six months. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. for
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>>darya: basketball is bad hair in far off from warriors fought more of by two. they combined for 44 in san stellate won the game 1 of 5-86. chaffee
9:27 am
>>mark: the chicago bulls rallied in los angeles to come back and beat the lakers. kobe bryant scored 28 points and is flying with a torn rest with demand. >>mark: the bryan james scored 37. maummar modem was ejected midway through the third quarter.
9:28 am
>>darya: we are in a few minutes. do not go away. here is a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. the ethics half ,,, in turn,
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9:35 am
>>will: investigators will have to determine if the 21 year-old woman will be criminally charged or need psychiatric help. the reason why police are here in the first place is because her family called after she barricaded herself in a room.
9:36 am
>>mark: families are returning home and others are headed out. >>jackie: it is pretty nice out here. we had a big rush earlier this morning. that is pretty typical. sfo is expecting big crowds today and throughout the week. it is one of those days where you have a lot of people coming home for christmas vacation and other people headed out for the new your vacation. it's you have big crowds. sfo is anticipating a 5 percent increase over last year's travel season.
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serve physical seek therefore
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>>darya: police believe the
9:41 am
same man is a responsible for two bank robberies and oakland. here is a picture of chase bank on international boulevard. the group been in both cases, this is the suspect. a black man in his '30's. crime stoppers and police are offering a $1,000 reward. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a live look outside on this monday morning.
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>>mark: republicans are in search of their parties' presidential nominations after a brief christmas break. a critical time for candidates. there are any of voters still undecided, and
9:45 am
we have new campaign and and television ads. most of the candidates are starting bus tours today. >>darya: let's get a look at how the day will shape up. the sun is coming out later, right? >> we will see. mostly cloudy conditions. right now we are seeing a lot of fog. taking a look at the visibility chart. the fog is breaking up in coarsens of the north bay but the red indicates if less than a quarter mile visibility. degree on the screen in the case between 2-5 mi. of visibility, take a look at antioch and concord. the yellow and red indicates pretty poor visibility. along with that, it's pretty
9:46 am
frigid temperatures. temperature wise, in a mixture of forties and fifties furious by 2:00 p.m. of a light blue indicates widespread fifties around the bay area. i will bring down the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. >>erica: the upper 50s and low 60s is the trend for this we are. looks like the
9:47 am
rain will stay to our north. mostly sunny conditions with temperatures in '60s. roone here is a final check on traffic. >>george: we have a stalled been clear from the bay bridge. it is not having an impact on a ride. what would normally be a hot spot is not. in the san mateo bridge has been an easy ride all morning long. on the golden gate there has been so little traffic in each direction. if we do still have a fog advisory issued for the richmond center selfridge although it has now resulted in any major delays or solvents. and while there is also a fogged adviser for the venetian
9:48 am
bridge. south a traffic is still without delay for the ride on 101 headed out of downtown. >>mark: increase in the allied patrols will be taking place through new year's eve. as of christmas day, 317 dui arrests. >>mark: experts predict a 60% jump in the day after christmas shopping. there
9:49 am
are also expected is the number of different recipients and bargain hunters on the prowl. called irian >>darya: it's more than 35 people were killed in a christmas day church bombing in nigeria. five nigerian cities were targeted. here is video of the aftermath. more bodies have washed ashore in the philippines. there are about 60,000 people listened and christmas day in tampa at
9:50 am
schools and gymnasiums because their villages were flooded out. >>mark: a delegation of south koreans left for north korea this morning with the delegation is led by the widow of the former south korean president. the south korean government is allowing the edge of a not sending an official delegation. it >>justine: prince philip will miss out on an annual roiled tradition. he is in the house of a recovering from a blocked coronary artery. doctors say the husband of queen elizabeth is still in good spirits and will still be under observation for a few more days. some of his grandchildren visited him in a hospital including prince
9:51 am
william, prince harry. but >>darya: knew this morning, the latest information out of the divorce between on all sorts of the and various driver. this fixture on tmz is saying-she is now unsure if she wants the divorced. maria is wrong because of her strongsville religious beliefs and they said that arnold is trying to win her back theory she filed for divorce on july 1st but had moved out months earlier. the split came after the announcement that he admitted fathering a child with a former household staffer.
9:52 am
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9:55 am
>>james: stormed to the north. a chance of showers on wednesday. >>darya: a san francisco bar donated more than 20,000 tweets the annual christmas eve toy drive. kron4 joined
9:56 am
volunteers as they handed out voice. >> merry christmas. in this neighborhood, they all need toys. these are san francisco's forgotten children. 2200 school-age kids in the san francisco are homeless. there are a lot of kids that fall through the cracks. this is the real deal. >> merry christmas. they make christmas for them. >> it is one of experience periodic it is my first time filling my car up the kids
9:57 am
are pretty surprised when i call them over to the car. i open the door and tell them to picket a fight. >>darya: last year's event collected a record of more than 10,000 tweets. >>mark: mission impossible came in no. 1 at the box office. shall all homes 17.3 million of bifurcate and on and the chipmunks. was in the third spot. as 13.3 million. >>darya: that is it for today. thank you for joining us on this monday after christmas, we will see you tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m.. >>mark: dr. phil is coming up next.
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